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I have multiple forms in my page and depending on the hidden input value, different sections are called.

Now my issue is, I have 2 input buttons in one of my forms, and depending on what button I click i need to send the appropriate hidden input type,

For example in the below form . If i click on Generate password button, I want the target value(the value of the hidden input field) as generate_password

If I click on Lock Password I want the target value to be user_locked. Here is my code.

    puts "<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"target\" value=\"user_locked\">"
    puts "<tr><td colspan='4'> New User request Review</td></tr>"
    puts "<tr><td><label for=\"full_name\"> Full Name </label></td>"
    puts "<td><input type=\"text\" value =\"$name\" name =\"full_name\" readonly=\"readonly\"></td>"

    puts "<tr><td><input type=\"button\" value=\"Generate Password\" onclick=\"if(confirm('Are you user you want to add this user?')){submit()};\"></td>"
    puts "<td><input type=\"button\" value=\"Lock User\" onclick=\"if(confirm('Are you user you want to add this user?')){submit()};\"></tr>"

well basically I am calling different functions depending upon the hidden field,

set target "";      catch { set target $CGI_DATA(target) }
switch $target {
    "confirm"   { set id [UpdateUserData $id] }
    "user_locked    { DeleteUser $id }
    "user_confirmed"        { NewUserConfirmed}
    "newuser"   { NewUserReview }
    default     { }
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please give the output (html), not the code that generates it...it'll be easier to figure out. –  Parth Thakkar May 19 '12 at 16:03
is jquery ok .. ? –  sree May 19 '12 at 16:04
i added stuff to my question. For this application I would prefer javascript than jquery. The problem that i might encounter is , i am already using lot of EXTJS framework in that page and in my experience mixing jquery with it creates problems. But I wouldnt mind trying out the jquery solution –  Micheal May 19 '12 at 16:09

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The code to your onclick event could do that when confirming instead of just submitting the form. If you use jQuery:

if(confirm('Are you user you want to add this user?')){
    $("input[name=target]").val('Generate password');

The one for the other input button should be very similar.

It is also possible that you have a way of knowing which button was pressed to submit the form another way. If I remember correctly, in PHP at least the name of the button is passed through in the _REQUEST variable.

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<input type="hidden" id="target" name="target" value="user_locked">


<input type="button" value="Generate Password" id="generate_button"/>
<input type="button" value="Lock User" id="lock_user"/>

In JS (jQuery):


You can change around the IDs and classes of these elements, but make sure the JS and HTML match up.

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