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Iam having a bit of a trouble loading content to CKeditor from within Jquery. I have a list of mail schemas, and for each of thoose i have a edit link, so the user should be able to edit the schema (in CKeditor).

My Jquery looks like this:

$(document).ready(function() {
        $.get("test.php", function(data){

The html element looks like this:

<div class="editMailSchema">
    <textarea id="editor" name="editor"></textarea>

The element is being Toogled but without the content from test.php. test.php looks like this:

echo "test";

Could anyone please guide me in the right direction.

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//for setting or getting the data of the Ckeditor use
// Get the editor data.
var data = $( 'textarea.editor' ).val();
// Set the editor data.
$( 'textarea.editor' ).val( 'my new content' );
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Iam aware of that, thats why i have this in my code: $("#editor").val(data); –  Mathias May 19 '12 at 17:35
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I fixed it by editing my jquery code like this:

        $.get("php/settings/test.php", function(data){

Now it works :)

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