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I was wondering if anyone knows of any good Open Source distributed computing projects? I have a computationally intensive program that could benefit from distributed computing (a la SETI@Home, etc.) and want to know if anyone has seen such a thing or will I be developing it from scratch?

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Funny, last night I was mulling over how cool it would be to have a P2P distributed computing network that anyone could submit jobs to. Would be a ripe target for abuse obviously, but might be interesting. Good luck. – Whatever Jul 1 '09 at 0:27
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Here's one for java and one for c# and here's an open source grid toolkit.

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Hadoop if you want to run the machines yourself. Amazon Elastic MapReduce if you want to let others run your workers. Amazon Elastic MapReduce is based on Hadoop.

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SETI@Home uses BOINC

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MPAPI - Parallel and Distributed Applications Framework.

  • Sector 0 Article:

  • Gives a good overview of the
    framework, architecture and the
    theory behind it.

  • Works on a single machine to 'n'

  • Design distributed logic into the

  • Focuses on message passing to isolate the state that each thread has access to i.e. no shared state only

  • Is Open Source =] and is MONO Compatible YAY!

Architecture in a Nutshell


  • Single Main Node
  • Controls the cluster
  • Numerous Sub-Nodes (one per machine) which are the work horses of the cluster
  • Single Registration Server - Binds the cluster together by allowing nodes to register / unregister with cluster notifying existing nodes


  • Node to Node directly. Each worker communicates with others through the node.
  • The messages are not propagated down through the remoting layer unless two workers are on different nodes.
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I see that this is over a year old but this is a new and relevant answer

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I have personally used BOINC which is a robust solution, widely used and offer you a great range of possibilities in term of customization.
This is the most complete solution I know. The only problems I had were that it was difficult to use for remote job submission (if you don't have access to the server) and it can be a bit long to setup. But overall it is a very good solution.

If you rather want to implement distributed computing just over a local grid, you can use GridCompute that should be quick to set up and will let you use your application through python scripts.

PS: I am the developer of GridCompute.

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