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I am going to create my own plugin for notepad++. It is necessary to use a console in my plugin but I don't want create another one because there is one in the NppExec plugin. So my question is can I use NppExec console from my own plugin ?

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I got an answer from NppExec forum

Edited Pasting from the link above:

Of course! You can look at NppExecPluginMsgTester inside NppExec's sources and use its code partly or entirely. The NppExecPluginMsgTester uses a "wrapper" of messages declared inside "NppExec\src\PluginCommunication\nppexec_msgs.h".

Here an example the NppExec source code:

#define  NPEM_PRINT             0x0401  // message
  Prints (shows) given text in NppExec's Console window. 
  You can separate text lines using _T('\n') or _T("\r\n").
  This text can be highlighted if NppExec's Console Highlight Filters are used.

  If plugin's state is "busy", this message is ignored.


  const TCHAR* cszMyPlugin = _T("my_plugin");
  DWORD dwState = 0;
  CommunicationInfo ci = { NPEM_GETSTATE, 
                           (void *) &dwState };
  ::SendMessage( hNppWnd, NPPM_MSGTOPLUGIN,
      (WPARAM) _T("NppExec.dll"), (LPARAM) &ci );

  if ( dwState == NPE_STATEREADY )
    // the plugin is "ready"
    const TCHAR* szText = _T("Hello from my plugin!\n(test message)")
    CommunicationInfo ci = { NPEM_PRINT,
                             (void *) szText };
    ::SendMessage( hNppWnd, NPPM_MSGTOPLUGIN,
        (WPARAM) _T("NppExec.dll"), (LPARAM) &ci );
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Liked the question. So what's the answer? Just plonking down code doesn't help very much. – Assad Ebrahim Aug 21 '12 at 21:28
Edited your answer with the forum response. – Assad Ebrahim Aug 21 '12 at 21:30

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