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Using linq, how can I retrieve a list of items where it's list of attributes match another list?

Take this simple example and pseudo code:
string List listofGenres = new List() { "action", comdedy" });
var movies = _db.Movies.Where(p => p.Genres.Any() in listofGenres);

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Sounds like you want:

var movies = _db.Movies.Where(p => p.Genres.Intersect(listOfGenres).Any());
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That's worth writing down somewhere. –  Juann Strauss Nov 25 '13 at 13:09

You can use a Contains query for this:

var movies = _db.Movies.Where(p => p.Genres.Any(x => listOfGenres.Contains(x));
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I guess this is also possible like this?

var movies = _db.Movies.TakeWhile(p => p.Genres.Any(x => listOfGenres.Contains(x));

Is "TakeWhile" worse than "Where" in sense of performance or clarity?

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