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I want to add a method to all HTML elements and the document object in JavaScript. After some googling I found http://krook.org/jsdom/. I concluded that adding a method to the Node class would do the job, and indeed in Firefox and Chrome this worked.

Below is pretty much what I did.


In Internet Explorer it causes an error because Node is not defined. Does anyone know how to do this in Internet Explorer?

Oh also, I'm using Internet Explorer 9.

Thank you.

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The IE DOM won't allow JavaScript to access the constructors for prototyping, so element/Node prototyping is not supported by the IE DOM natively (IE 10 runs your code fine, as I suspect does IE 0).

What are you trying to achieve? There are arguments against doing DOM extensions - there is probably another way to do it.

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This answer is factually incorrect. Since IE8, you can use Element.prototype.foo = ... to add a custom method to all DOM elements in the current document. Not saying that it's a good idea though... –  Rob W May 17 '14 at 20:47

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