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I'm new to Eclipse. I'm using subclipse for connecting to my SVN. There are some folders and files I would like to add to svn:ignore, but it's grayed out. Is there an easy way to get subclipse to ignore files and directories?


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You can't svn:ignore a file that is already commited to repository.

So you must:

  1. Delete it from the repository
  2. Recreate it in Eclipse
  3. Set svn:ignore on it via Team->Add to svn:ignore
  4. Restart eclipse to reflect changes

Good luck!

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Well in fact. This is not a solution. I have the same problem and my files and folders I want to ignore are not under version control. Still I cannot ignore them because the svn:ignore is grayed out. – Jagger Nov 13 '11 at 22:18
@Henrik its a long time but can u tell me what i should do if i dont want a file, such as my database.properties file, which is already on the repository to not be pushed to the repository on commit. – khizAz Jan 18 '12 at 12:44
@Jagger: the parent folder has to be already in svn to be able to set the svn:ignore property – mmoossen Jan 19 '12 at 13:41
Also Update to HEAD – ViliusK Feb 13 '13 at 15:51
After doing what is mentioned in the solution, select the folder and use the shortcut (Ctrl + Alt + I) to add it to ignore. I don't know why this works and the menu doesn't, it might be a bug. – Andrei B. Mar 4 '13 at 10:22

I was able to do this using TortoiseSVN directly from Windows explorer:

Right click on file to ignore->TortiseSVN->Delete and add to ignore list

I had to close then re-open the project in Eclipse, job done :)

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It seems Subclipse only allows you to add a top-level folder to ignore list and not any sub folders under it. Not sure why it works this way. However, I found out by trial and error that if you directly add a sub-folder to version control, then it will allow you to add another folder at the same level to the ignore list.

alt text

For example, refer fig above, when I wanted to ignore the webapp folder without adding src, subclipse was not allowing me to do so. But when I added the java folder to version control, the "add to svn:ignore..." was enabled for webapp.

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Odd but this worked for me as well; if you make a mistake and 'Add' the top folder of a new SVN repo you can right click 'Team > Disconnect..." and choose delete SVN meta information. – Daniel Sokolowski Nov 13 '13 at 22:02
I just tested this and can confirm this works. This seems crazy and possibly due to a bug or design error, but it works... – Stephane Grenier Mar 19 '14 at 15:58
this is the most easy and fast solution, thanks! – Diego Fernando Murillo Valenci Jun 18 '14 at 16:17

Working with Subclipse on Eclipse Indigo Service Release 2

I had commited folders with temporary files and logs lying under /src to the SVN repository. And after realizing it, I found myself in the same situation with a grayed out "svn:ignore"

I found following solution:

1. I deleted the folder from my Project Source

2. Team -> Commit... withouth the folder

3. Recreated the folder back into the project tree

Now I was able to use "Team -> Add to svn:ignore..."

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This is just a WAG as I am not a Subclipse user, but have you ensured that the folders containing what you're trying to ignore have themselves been added to SVN? You can't svn:ignore something inside a folder that's not under version control.

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yup, the containing folder is in the SVN – KevMo Jul 1 '09 at 1:04

What worked for me was following : (eclipse 3.3.6 Subclipse 2.4)

  • set svn:ignore property via tortoise : ( .settings .classpath .project target .apt_src one item at one line)
  • deleted the project from the eclipse
  • fresh checkout from the svn
  • import the project in eclipse (simple reimporting the project in eclipse did not worked for me)
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If you are trying to share a project in SVN with Eclipse for the first time, you might want to avoid certain files to be commited. In order to do so, go to Preferences->Team->Ignored Resources. In this screen you just need to add a pattern to ignore the kind of files you don't want to commit.

Eclipse preferences

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to ignore certain files or turn off ignoring you can use the eclipse preferences-->Team -->Ignored Resource. Check or uncheck the resources you want to be tracked.

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This is quite frustrating, but it's a containment issue (the .svn folders keep track also of ignored files). Any item that needs to be ignored is to be added to the ignore list of the immediate parent folder.

So, I had a new sub-folder with a new file in it and wanted to ignore that file but I couldn't do it because the option was grayed out. I solved it by committing the new folder first, which I wanted to (it was a cache folder), and then adding that file to the ignore list (of the newly added folder ;-), having the chance to add a pattern instead of a single file.

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One more thing... If you already ignored those files through Eclipse (with Team -> Ignored resources) you have to undo these settings so the files are controlled by Subclipse again and "Add to svn:ignore" option reappears

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