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I am trying to teach myself LRU algorithm using this youtube video. In the below example (taken from here) why is 0 replaced by 3. Shouldn't that be 4 replaced by 3 as 4 is the least used ?

enter image description here

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LRU stands for "Least Recently Used". It's based on taking advantage of "temporal locality" of reference, i.e. the thought that the same stuff will be used in a period of time.

In your case, the past three accesses before the current one were 0 - 4 - 2. This means that of the pages in physical memory, 0 was the least recently used, and so it gets paged out.

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Thank you, I understand the concept –  Roger That May 19 '12 at 20:24

Don't get confused between concept of LRU and Optimal Replacement Algo. In above stack 0 was used before using 4 so when replacement is to be done then 0 is most recently used as compared to 4 and 2 which too are in the stack.

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Least Recently Used means if we have 3 frames memory and we have pages 4 9 7 5. So 4, 9 and 7 will be added into frames. Now we want to replace page 5. So we will check in memory which page is Least Recently Used in our case page no 4 is LRU so we will replace 4 with 5.

In your case 2 is Ist Recently Used, 4 is 2nd Recently Used and 0 is Least Recently Used so we will replace 0 with 3.

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