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I am trying to write a program in C++ and wxWidgets that accesses YouTube and start the video with JavaScript.

It uses the YouTube JavaScript API, documentation for which is found here.

I wrote the following piece of code to play ‘O, Canada’, specifically the one here.

wxWebView *webview = wxWebView::New(this, wxID_ANY, "");
webview->RunScript("function onYouTubePlayerReady(playerId) {document.getElementById('watch-player').playVideo();}");

Running the above code fails to fulfill its intended purpose, giving me the following error and a crash:

....\src\msw\wxwebview_ie.cpp(762): "assert "document" failed in wxWebViewIE::GetDocument().

I know that my code successfully LOADS the page, but running the JavaScript (the RunScript() function) seems to result in the error.

I am using wxWidgets 2.9.3 on Windows.

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This should have been fixed in revision 71030 which is more recent than the 2.9.3 build that you are using. You can get the updated code either through SVN or a daily snapshot. If that still doesn't fix it please file a bug on the wxWidgets Trac.

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Upgrading did fix the crash, but the js isn't ran at all. I replaced the js with a simple alert() and no window poped up. – quantum May 22 '12 at 1:35
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The problem is actually because I call the JavaScript too early, before the page is loaded. If I call it a bit later, it works.

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