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How do I add a button to a widget, not for opening an activity or something?

Just for toggling for example Wi-Fi :) Could it be done by a ImageButton or something like that? I just can't figure out how to add an onClickListener.

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I have updated my answer now that I understand you are trying to write an AppWidget.

AppWidgets support only a limited set of Views and ToggleButton is not one of them. The list of Views supported by AppWidgets can be found here:

You will have to use an ImageButton and remember its toggled state yourself. You can set it's image source to a different image depending on whether it is toggled or not. See ImageButton for more info:

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1 Month later but thanks! :) – GuiceU Jun 20 '12 at 19:36
I badly need an example of this :/ – TheOnlyAnil Jul 29 at 16:18

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