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I have a php classes like:

class bar{
    public $value;

class foo extends bar{
    public $value;
    public $name;

In database:

-bar table:
'bar value 1'
'bar value 2'

-foo table:
value        |  name
'foo value 1'| 'foo name 1'
'foo value 2'| 'foo name 2'

How can I store and fetch them by using PDO FETCH_CLASS?

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If Foo extends Bar, you don't need to define the $value field again. – Madara Uchiha May 19 '12 at 21:17
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potential coolness

select 'foo', name, value from footable;

PDO::FETCH_CLASSTYPE uses the first column in the results to determine the classname to instantiate for that row.

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This doesn't appear to need special treatment. As long as you know whether you're requesting a foo or a bar, you just pass that as a string to the fetch call. Since you have different tables for foo and bar, I assume you have determined when querying which one you will need.

// Build a foo
$stmt->setFetchMode(PDO::FETCH_CLASS, 'foo');

// Or build a bar
$stmt->setFetchMode(PDO::FETCH_CLASS, 'bar');
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