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How can I test whether a value is an integer in Sass?

I saw some documentation stating there was an int? function but I don't think I'm using it correctly. That, or I have misunderstood the documentation.

I am currently doing this, but am getting an error:

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Chris Eppstein helped me work it out. Pretty easy in hindsight:

round($n) == $n
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  • (Bool) unitless(number)

Inspects the unit of the number, returning a boolean indicating if it is unitless.


  unitless(100) => true

  unitless(100px) => false

Parameters: (Literal) number — The number to inspect

Returns: (Bool) — Whether or not the number is unitless

Raises: (ArgumentError) — if number isn’t a number

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I want to check if it is an integer. That means no decimal places - a whole number. – Oliver Joseph Ash May 19 '12 at 23:21

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