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I am looking for some git server for more platforms, such as Windows, Linux and Solaris. I know only msysgit for win. Is there some equivalent for these three platforms?

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You can use an HTTP server on Windows or many other systems, but Git is built to run on *nix systems nativelly. You have to just install it and you're ready to go. –  rcdmk May 19 '12 at 23:01

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Yes "GIT" its independent and written in C/C++. There are git client for all plattforms. But its a bit difficult what you understand under a "GIT -Server". Every client that has the repository can be the server when you add them as remote server.

On Ubuntu and Debian:

apt-get install git-core

On Mac something like this:

sudo port install git-core

If there is no client you can compile the sources.

But its a very common question. Google at first.

Edit: You don't have a server directly. You put the repository on a server for example and access them from outside. For example you can make bare repositories this creates a folder for example "test.git" then you can call the file over ssh or other access methods.

But perhaps you should think about a gitkeeper like "gitolite" to give access to user and control the flow and provide the repositories.

But how @rcdmk said its primary build for linux and unix systems.

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I am looking for git server to setup my own git server, not git client. Is this "git-core" source code of git server (like compiled msysgit)? –  Koga May 19 '12 at 23:02
I very much doubt Git contains a single bit of C++ code. –  kostix May 20 '12 at 20:41

In DVCS the difference between client and server is blurry at best. So every git installation is in its right mind a server, too, since you can push to it.

Having cleared that, the rest of you question translates to finding a cross-platform git version. The official git implementation is almost cross-platform: msysGit is not required to run git on windows, you can download "Git for Windows" (which is simply msysGit without msys and mingw).

I trust this answers your question.

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You can try Git Candy, A Git platform based on ASP.NET MVC.

Source on:

Demo on:

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