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For the moment, when I'm in a controller and that I want to call a function from another controller, I do this :


Is seems a bit heavy to me, is there another (better) way to do this ?


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I would use the getController method: http://docs.sencha.com/touch/2-0/#!/api/Ext.app.Application-method-getController

EG: this.getApplication().getController('ControllerName').doSomething();

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If you're not in the context of your Controller(for example in a callback function of some object), you can do this.

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When using the MVC convention in Sencha Touch 2, I would recommend the following when trying to call a method called 'SomeMethodInB' in 'ControllerB' from inside 'ControllerA':


'MyAppName' is the name of the app you defined in the core app definition - typically in your app.js file.

According to the Sencha forums, the below is depreciated:



In fact the only way I can call the "this.getApplication()" method to even work is when calling it from my app definition file (app.js).

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