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I have a java project that needs its plugins jared to run, each plugin's class files are in a separate directory under com/digitaltea/splat/plugins/. I currently use the fallowing code to build them, but it only works if jar is in the PATH. How can I jar files without using system?

task :compile do
  chdir(_(:target, :main, :classes)){
    mkdir_p "plugins"
    Dir["com/digitaltea/splat/plugins/*"].each do |file|
      if File.directory?(file)
        system "jar cf #{_(:target, :main, :classes)}/plugins/#{File.basename(file)}.jar #{file}"
        rm_r file
    system "jar cf plugins/CorePlugin.jar com/digitaltea/splat/core"
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Not sure I understand. I would use different sub projects for each plugin so I can jar up stuff. – Antoine Toulme May 22 '12 at 10:24
There are going to be many plugins, so I don't want to create sub project for each, and even if I did I don't really see how that would help. Each plugin has to be jared for the program to even run (buildr run) not only when packaging the whole program (buildr package) – RedHatter May 23 '12 at 1:05

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