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I have a data set as

var data1 = {values:[
  { X: "33", Y: 12 },
var data2 = { values:[
  { X: "Jan", Y: 2 },

I want to load appropriate data set by

$(document).ready(function() {
  var data = $(this).val() // the value will be data1 or data2
           // how can I make the data a JSON equal to data1 or data2 instead of
           // assigning the static value of $(this).val() to it.

How can I create the var data from the static value?

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Have data1, data2 as properties of an object, and use the square bracket member operator to access them.

var dataset = {

    data1: {
        values: [{
            X: "33",
            Y: 12
        }, ....]
    data2: {
        values: [{
            X: "Jan",
            Y: 2
        }, ...]

var data = dataset[$(this).val()]

Although if your data1 and data2 are global variables, you could access them the same way from the window object.

var data = window[$(this).val()]

But an object like dataset is still nicer than a bunch of globals.

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