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I have my Django model like this:

    # some code

    #some code
    classa = ForeignKey(ClassA)

    # Some code
    classb = ForeignKey(ClassB)

the thing is that in the Django Admin App, it loads all the ClassB data, and I need to show a Select element with something like this:

ClassB [Value] - ClassA[Value]

Is that possible?

Thanks a lot!

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Not sure what do you mean by ClassB [Value] - ClassA[Value]. But it seems that you are looking for loading values or choices to be more appropriate dynamically for a SELECT element.

To dynamic load choices in Django admin, you can supply a function to the choices parameter of a models.Field. For example:

def get_choices():
    #some code 
    return list_of_tuple

    select = models.CharField(max_length=100,choices=get_choices)
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You should supply a custom formfield_for_foreignkey method in your admin class for the model that you want the drop down to show.

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