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I'm using a virtualenv. (mentioned in case it matters) My goal is to import TT.TruthTable into tests. My hunch was to use from lab import TT as that statement mirrors one in a similar project/setup i'm working on. Could there be something else amiss.


>>> cat TT.py

    class TruthTable...
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Then lab03/ (absolute path) should be added to your PYTHONPATH. Simply using a virtualenv isnt enough because it only sets up its own lib/python.x/site-packages in the path.

You can either modify your environment via: export PYTHONPATH=$PYTHONPATH:/path/to/lab03

Or, you can add it in code:

import sys
from lab import TT 
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That sounds fine as long as lab03 is on your path. This can either be done by:

a) executing the script from lab03/ (python test/tests.py),

b) adding the directory to your PYTHONPATH (how to do this depends on your OS) prior to executing the program.

c) adding the directory to your PYTHONPATH before calling from... import.... You can do this by appending the lab03 directory to your sys.path.

I've done all 3, and prefer (c) then (a) then (b) but YMMV.

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Have you tried using a testing suite like nose? It can do all that for you, plus give you some easy options additional methods to use for testing. Plus, you can invoke it from your main project directory with nosetests and immediately get feedback.

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