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In a yii site I am creating I have a page with the url http://localhost/administrator/restaurant/list which shows the list of restaurants in a tabular format along with a delete button. The delete button points to http://localhost/administrator/restaurant/delete/<id>.

The actionDelete of my controller is as follows :

public function actionDelete(){
        $model = Restaurants::model()->findByAttributes(
        Yii::app()->user->setFlash('success',Yii::t('error','Restaurant has been deleted successfully'));

But on clicking the delete button, the row is getting deleted successfully from the database but instead of redirecting to http://localhost/administrator/restaurant/list the page is redirecting to http://localhost/administrator/restaurant/delete/restaurant/list and showing an error. Is there something wrong with the way I implemented the redirect function ?

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Use array routing instead:

$this->redirect(array('restaurant/list'), true);

Using GET for deleting is a very bad idea because browsers can prefetch links before you even click them. You should use POST for any scenario like this.

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