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I need something like this, but I have many matrices which describe 2D electric field change in process of time. So I would like matrices visualizations replaced each other, to get video

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I do not understand, how to sequentially load and visualize files with matrices with different names (for example: 1.dat ,2.dat , 3.dat , 4.dat , ...etc) on the same "canvas" – divideByZero May 20 '12 at 13:19

I want to give you a sample code to generate an animated gif from a sequence of plots. You can modify the plots to generate anything you like; e.g. the one in your link.

gifOutputName = 'sample.gif';

%# As an example, let us draw a 3-D plot
%# You can generalize it to anything you like
Z = peaks; surf(Z);
axis tight
for j = 1:20

    %# Grab the current frame
    RGB = frame2im(getframe(gcf));

    %# Reduce it to 256 colors since it's gonna be GIf image
    [IND, map] = rgb2ind(RGB, 256);

    if j == 1 % Vreate in the first step

        %# 'LoopCount' indicates how many times the animation will play, 
        %# Inf states infinity. Refer to "GIF-Specific Parameters" in the 
        %# documentation.
        imwrite(IND, map, gifOutputName, 'gif', 'LoopCount', Inf);

    else %# Otherwise, append it to the previous
        imwrite(IND, map, gifOutputName, 'gif', 'WriteMode', 'append');
close %# Close the figure

enter image description here

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