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I am using eclipse helio with java.

The watch expression option is not working for me when debugging my code

If I am doing a watch on variable, I cant see the value of that variable in the watch view if i hoover with my mouse over the variable in the code i can see its value if I check the variable in the variables view I can see its value

but in the watch expressions window i cant see its value (and its a problem if i try to watch expressions for example)

did anyone encounter this problem

(it used to work fine and show values but then suddenly it stopped and i have no idea why)


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Typically (at least for simple cases) the expression view works. But sometimes it indeed stops showing the values.

Usually refresh and clean of project + (sometimes) restart of eclipse help.

If you are able to see simple values and cannot see expression it sometimes because the class that is returned by expression does not appear in import list of current class. In this case I often try to write explicit cast to class into the watch expression and sometimes it helps.

Good luck.

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is it possible eclipse doesnt show watch value on class i got from a jar and it is nnot my source , or on method that is called from with in other method parameters list? I noticed it works for some of the methods and doesnt work to method as i mentioned above. (and it doesnt show both simple variables and expressions, only that on simple variable i can hover with my mouse and see the value, while with expressions i cant) –  Silvi May 20 '12 at 11:24
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