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Google / Youtube has an API for Youtube for javascript and Actionscript 2.

Unfortunately this API is not compatible with Actionscript 3 without a wrapper - which google does not themselves provide.

Has anybody got an actionscript 3 wrapper they can make available?

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as3youtubelib is only for the API itself - for searching videos etc.

I wanted a wrapper for the youtube video player itself.

http://code.google.com/p/youtubechromelesswrapper-as3/ is a new API that allows you to embed in Flash/Flex and uses the Javascript API (via ExternalInterface) to control the movie within Flash. It doesn't have any control buttons, but has the YouTube logo.

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FINALLY! YouTube's official API changed from AS2 to AS3


Note: This documentation was updated in October 2009 to explain how to use AS3 rather than ActionScript 2.0 (AS2).

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Or you can use this wrapper which doesn't have volume issues and multiple instances problems as the one on YouTube: http://www.ovidiudiac.ro/blog/?p=70

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Yes there is an AS3 WRAPPER HERE http://flashden.net/item/as3-youtube-wrapper-full-xml-site/21685

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