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I've got a WCF Data Service setup and can access the table data through the browser url.

Have created a simple Stored Proc which takes in a parameter and then returns some columns from various tables via Joins - how can I consume this?

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If you are using an Entity Framework model you could do this:

  1. Open the Model Browser.
  2. Right-click "EntityContainer: (name)"-> "Function Imports" and select "Add Function Import...".
  3. Select stored procedure, specify "Complex" as "Returns a Collection Of", click "Get Column Information" and click "Create New Complex Type". enter image description here
  4. Add config.SetServiceOperationAccessRule("SomeStoredProcedure", ServiceOperationRights.AllRead); to the InitializeService method in SomeDataService.svc.cs.
  5. Now add a method with the WebGet attribute to SomeDataService.svc.cs that returns an IQueryable of the complex type you defined previously:

    public IQueryable<SomeStoredProcedure_Result> SomeStoredProcedure()
      return CurrentDataSource.SomeStoredProcedure(1).AsQueryable();

The 1 above is a parameter to the stored procedure.

The stored procedure can now be consumed at:

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@Martin4Andersen Is there an example in SOF or elsewhere, for calling a Stored Proc that updates or deletes? –  FMFF Sep 12 '14 at 15:52

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