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is there any way to query how many class inherit a class using linq and reflection ? eg. how to know classes that inherit from System.Web.Mvc.ActionResult in System.Web.Mvc.dll

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if you want to retrieve only classes, and not interfaces (IsAssignablefrom returns also interfaces), you should try

var t = typeof(System.Web.Mvc.ActionResult);
var asmb = Assembly.GetAssembly(t);//or get all assemblies you need and put next code in loop
return asmb.GetTypes().Where(x=>x.IsSubClassOf(t)).ToList();
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You can do this with two methods, 1. IsAssignableFrom, 2. assembly.GetTypes:

var t = typeof(System.Web.Mvc.ActionResult);
var asmb = Assembly.GetAssembly(t);
return asmb.GetTypes().Where(x=>x.IsAssignableFrom(t) && x != t);
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returns nothing . evaluated from linqpad . –  dfang May 20 '12 at 10:04
@dfang You should add ToList() to return something, (I don't have anything in my PC (.net, linqpad, ...), but you can upload code on ideone.com we can check there). –  Saeed Amiri May 20 '12 at 10:09

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