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I implemented the following method to get array of departments to bind to dropdownlist

public object[] GetDepartmentOptions()
   var departments = from p in context.per_Departments
                     where p.active == true
                     select new { DisplayText = p.departmentNameEn, 
                                  Value = p.departmentId };
   return departments.ToArray();

I would like to insert object in this array before bind it

object =new { DisplayText = "Choose", Value = 0 };
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For some reason it works only if your first sequence is the "choose" sequence:

    var first = new[] { new { DisplayText = "Choose", Value = 0 } };
    return first.Concat(departments).ToArray();
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Thank you for your help –  Muhammad Alaa May 21 '12 at 7:02

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