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The following conditional syntax displays the logged in users their account & log out links in their account pages on locally hosted server after successful log in without any problem but on remote server it suddenly started to print "HI" "||" & "Log Out" even if the users aren't logged in. Any idea?

if ($totalRows_users > 0) { 
if (checklevel 1()) {
echo "Hi <a href='userarea1/user1.php' target='_self'>".$row_users['user_name']."</a>";
} else { 
echo "Hi <a href='userarea2/user2.php' target='_self'>".$row_users['user_name']."</a>";
} else if ($totalRows_visitors > 0) {
echo "Hi <a href='../videoarchive/visitorarea/visitoraccount.php' target='_self'>".$row_visitors['user_name']."</a>";

<?php if ($totalRows_users> 0) { 

if (checklevel1()) {
echo "|| <a href='userarea1/logout.php' target='_self'>"; echo 'Log Out'; echo "</a>";
} else { 
echo "|| <a href='userarea2/logout.php' target='_self'>"; echo 'Log Out'; echo "</a>";
} else if ($totalRows_visitors > 0) { 
echo "|| <a href='../videoarchive/logout.php' target='_self'>"; echo 'Log Out'; echo "</a>";


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My eyes don't bleed as I split the syntax into parts with if else if & else statement. Moreover 2nd part (each statement within echo clause in log out part) can be shortened. That doesn't make any difference. – Learner Express May 20 '12 at 10:37
check (checklevel 1()) is user privilege level. First two statements are isolating the users based on the privilege level 1 & 2 in one database table whereas the last statement is distinguishing the user group from the users groups of first two statements based on user level 2 in another database table. – Learner Express May 20 '12 at 12:43

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