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Given I have a Members table :

id   membername
1    Fred
2    Dave
3    Jenny

and a Jobs table

id   member_id   status
1    1           Closed
2    2           Pending
3    2           Open
4    3           Pending
5    3           Pending

I want to output the total number of Pending jobs by member.

So with the above data, I'd like:

membername  count
Dave        1
Jenny       2

I can grab the counts using the group method, eg

Job.where("status = ?", "Pending").group(:member_id).count

but this doesn't return the names. Just a hash of member_id's and counts. I'm thinking I need to join this result to the members table somehow. I can do this with raw SQL of course, but was wondering if there is a neater arel way of grabbing this data.

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Job.where("status = ?", "Pending").joins(:member).group("").count
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