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I want to print a document (in the default printer) and be able to track it's printing job, so i will be able to see if the job was sent to the spooler, and that it was actually printed and not canceled for some reason. I want to catch the print job event and follow every step until it is successfully (or not - and if so what is the reason) printed.

I've searched for a solution for this, but i didn't get anything to work for me.. what is the best way to implement this? is there a good example for this?

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You have already covered most of what you need by tagging this System.Printing - assuming you are using version 3.0 or better of the .net runtime then the System.Printing namespace is pretty well documented on MSDN.

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I ended up using quick pdf library, but thanks any way. – user590586 May 24 '12 at 13:25

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