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I want to generate C wrappers from C++ libraries. There are tutorials on how to do it by hand:

But it is too much of a manual labor.

For example, for this:

struct RtAudio {
    virtual DeviceInfo const& f() {...}
    class DeviceInfo {
        virtual void g() { ... }

I need to write:

struct RtAudioC {
    RtAudio x;
struct DeviceInfo {
    RtAudio::DeviceInfo x;
extern "C" {
    RtAudioC* newRtAudio() { 
        return new RtAudioC;
    void deleteRtAudio(RtAudioC *p {
        delete p;
    /* do something with RtAudio::f() */
    void g(DeviceInfo *p) {
        try {
        } catch (SomeError & err) {

Are there tools that can automate this process?

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I just developed a C function wrapper in Python to do exactly this (generate C++ classes that wrap C functions).

It's still young but the bulk of what I needed it to do is in there now. Give it a try and let me know what you think: https://github.com/mlb5000/CFunctionWrapperGenerator

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There is gmmproc which creates C++ wrappers for gobject based C libraries, but that's the only code generator I've heard of between C and C++.

If you're good with writing a parser, it wouldn't be too difficult a task to create a basic wrapper generator. In the end you might have to add a few finishing touches manually, but still your work load would be reduced.

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You can try SWIG, C code generator was last year's GSoC project. AFAIK they haven't merged it to the trunk yet, so you'd have to checkout & build the branch from SVN.

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How much of your C++ code is already written vs. how much has yet to be written? If a reasonable proportion is to-be-written, I would create a simplified syntax, that generates both the C++ and C headers, like IDL does for COM interfaces. This simplified syntax will be much easier for you to parse than C++, or you can likely find something off the shelf that does this.

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I don't know of an off-the-shelf tool to do this. If you want to automate the generation and are happy to write your own scripts, pygccxml (based on GCC-XML) is quite a nice way to parse C++ headers.

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