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I have a facebook page and I am trying to add a Like button on a website which, with a single click, will Like the FB page and at the same time share a link to the webpage on the user's timeline.

After reading the documentation, I changed the button's 'href' to the FB page. That gets the LikeButton it to Like the FB page, instead of sharing the link to the timeline, which takes care of the first half (i.e. it pretty much makes it a LikeBox linked to the FB page)

When clicking it, it pops up the "share something" popup, which, however, doesn't share anything on the timeline. If I understand the documentation, the 'og:url' meta property can be used to override the url shared by the like button. I played with that too, but didn't manage to change the shared url (the popup was still advertising the FB page). But even if it did, it wasn't actually sharing anything on the timeline anyway.

Is there a way to get that to work and post a link to the website?

After looking around for a while, I didn't manage to do both things with a single button. It looks like I have to have one LikeButton for liking the link, and another LikeButton(with href=FBpageUrl) or LikeBox for liking the FB page. Is that true?

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