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with some help from here, I created a script to disable certain days of the week in the jQuery DatePicker. Now I want to add the option to disable also a specific time period (planned holidays). Eg. 12/08/2012 - 30/08/2012. Anyone who can help me to include this in below script?

I'm using jQuery version 1.7.2 and jQuery UI 1.8.18.


$(function() { 

dateFormat: 'DD, d MM, yy',
minDate: "+1d",
changeMonth: false, 
changeYear: false,
showOn: 'both',
buttonImage: 'images/calendar.gif',
buttonImageOnly: true,
beforeShowDay: enableDAYS

function enableDAYS(date) {
var day = date.getDay();
return [(day > 2 && day < 7), ''];

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I created a fiddle here for this solution.

It simulates a 'planned holiday' from '23/05/2012 to 24/05/2012'.

All I did was change your existing enableDAYS function to:

function enableDAYS(date) {
var startDate = new Date();
startDate.setFullYear(2012, 4, 22);
var endDate = new Date();
endDate.setFullYear(2012, 4, 24)
var day = date.getDay();
return [(day >= 1 && day < 6) && !(date >= startDate && date <= endDate), ''];

You will obviously need to fetch the planned holidays from somewhere yourself and not 'hard code' the dates like I did. :) You could cater for public holidays in a similar fashion.

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You can disable a specific date range using the following code You can specify the date range in the dateRange array, date format is yyyy/MM/dd So to disable dates from 12/08/2012 to 30/08/2012 you have to change the dateRange array like following

var dateRange = ["2012/08/12","2012/08/30"]; // yyyy/MM/dd    

Here is the code used in the fiddle

//  unavailable dates range
var dateRange = ["2012/05/20","2012/05/29"]; // yyyy/MM/dd

function unavailable(date) {
    var startDate = new Date(dateRange[0]);
    var endDate = new Date(dateRange[1]);
    var day = date.getDay();

    if(date > startDate && date < endDate )
        return [false, "disabled"];
    else if(day > 0 && day < 6)
        return [true, "enabled"];
        return [false, "disabled"];


$('input.datepicker').datepicker({ beforeShowDay: unavailable });

And here is a working fiddle.

Working Demo

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