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I'm currently building a HTML5 web app/Phonegap native app and I can't seem to figure out how to save my canvas as an image with canvas.toDataURL():( Can somebody please help me out?

Here's the code, what's wrong with it?

//My canvas was named "canvasSignature"


function putImage()
  var canvas1 = document.getElementById("canvasSignature");        
  if (canvas1.getContext) {
     var ctx = canvas1.getContext("2d");                
     var myImage = canvas1.toDataURL("image/png");      
  var imageElement = document.getElementById("MyPix");  
  imageElement.src = myImage;                           



<div id="createPNGButton">
    <button onclick="putImage()">Save as Image</button>        

Thanks, Wardenclyffe

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OP's question has not been answered. He clearly said this is for Phonegap / iPad. The answers given are for saving on a desktop browser. –  timothyov Jul 16 '12 at 17:40
Not sure about phonegap, but I've done this from scratch in native iOS using JavaScript on the other end, I capture the data with .toDataURL(), then use window.location to point the browser to appname://[data url]. On the app end, the UIWebView has a delegate method that says whether or not it should load a page. I listen for appname:// and break it down when it comes in, deny the page load and capture the data url in a native string... how familiar are you with actual iOS/Objective C code? –  Doug Oct 24 '12 at 23:19

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Here is some code. without any error.

var image = canvas.toDataURL("image/png").replace("image/png", "image/octet-stream");  // here is the most important part because if you dont replace you will get a DOM 18 exception.

window.location.href=image; // it will save locally
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Except in IE9 standards mode: "Some content or files on this webpage require a program that you don't have installed." Internet Explorer 8 and above only supports data URIs for images in CSS, <link>, and <img>: –  Cees Timmerman Jun 5 '13 at 12:37
doesn't save locally, just opens in a new tab ... window.location.href ... –  bboy Jun 25 '13 at 9:02
works fine. how can I change the name of downloaded file? it's coming just "download" and without extension. thanks! –  Leabdalla Oct 18 '13 at 14:23
In Chrome this crashes the browser. If I display the image in an image tag, it does work but the right-click menu is greyed out - so I still can't save the image. –  Kokodoko May 15 '14 at 16:39
This works great... But in Android (Default browser in Galaxy S3) it just doesn't download the image, but i get the message "Downloading..." forever. –  Habrashat Jul 28 '14 at 6:05

You can use canvas2image to prompt for download.

I had the same issue, here's a simple example that both adds the image to the page and forces the browser to download it:

        <script src=""></script>
            function draw(){
                var canvas = document.getElementById("thecanvas");
                var ctx = canvas.getContext("2d");
                ctx.fillStyle = "rgba(125, 46, 138, 0.5)";
                ctx.fillStyle = "rgba( 0, 146, 38, 0.5)";
                ctx.fillRect(58, 74, 125, 100);

            function to_image(){
                var canvas = document.getElementById("thecanvas");
                document.getElementById("theimage").src = canvas.toDataURL();
    <body onload="draw()">
        <canvas width=200 height=200 id="thecanvas"></canvas>
        <div><button onclick="to_image()">Draw to Image</button></div>
        <image id="theimage"></image>
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Just tried it out, it will save a file with no name nor extension in Chrome. –  malber Jul 11 '13 at 7:25
1 still have to solve the no name problem. –  rodvlopes Jul 19 '13 at 20:15
as mentioned here setting the file name doesn't seem to be possible: "It would be really neat if somehow a filename could be attached to the data, but I've found no way to do that. For now, you have to specify the filename yourself." –  SColvin Sep 13 '13 at 0:14
The link you posted is broken –  uruloke Nov 16 '14 at 17:04
GFGI - first result –  SColvin Nov 16 '14 at 18:01

I created a small library that does this (along with some other handy conversions). It's called reimg, and it's really simple to use.


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Instead of imageElement.src = myImage; you should use window.location = myImage;

And even after that the browser will display the image itself. You can right click and use "Save Link" for downloading the image.

Check this link for more information.

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Wow, thanks, that really helped a lot:) But how do you get a pop up save box, so that someone can save to a specific destination (like their Android images folder)? –  Wardenclyffe May 20 '12 at 12:11
It depends on the specific browser. Android browser usually download files to a specific folder directly, for instace. –  Hakan Serce May 20 '12 at 12:20
In Chrome this works, but the right-click menu is greyed out. When trying to 'drag' the image out of the browser, Chrome crashes. –  Kokodoko May 15 '14 at 16:41

@Wardenclyffe and SColvin , you both are trying to save image using the canvas, not by using canvas'context. both you should try to ctx.toDataURL();

Try This :

var canvas1 = document.getElementById("yourCanvasId");
var ctx = canvas1.getContext("2d");
var img = new Image();
img.src = ctx.toDataURL('image/png');

Also you may refer to following links:

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Uncaught TypeError: Object #<CanvasRenderingContext2D> has no method 'toDataURL'. –  baubie Feb 25 '14 at 14:19

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