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I hear that most of flash engines have problems on mobile devices except Starling Framework . But starling didn't feed all my needs as pathfinding and tilemaps tool that i can perfectly use with flixel. What engine/framework i could use with Air or starling framework without miss much fps? I need collisions, pathfinding and tilemaps support.

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As of this date (May 22, 2012) you will have to wait for that. There is not a single engine that rolls all of the above into one easy-to-use package like Flixel. The team working on Flixel has anncounced the intent to make such a thing ( But to date it does not exist.

That said, you could build a game using Box2D and some implementation of pathfindting (like a*) and just use starling to render the game. You'll sink some time in setup, but its not impossible. Before stage 3D i did a similar approach for this game:

It uses box2D to manipulate graphics.

(minus the pathfindong of course)

I released the source code of a similar game on my blog here: It uses the old display list. But you could see how it works and switch it to startling.

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