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I am currently learning Java and I'm really struggling with something. So I have a Class "Disk" with the subclasses "CD","Game", and "DVD". I have a "database" class which creates new instances of disk,game and cd in an array list. The array list is initialised like so:

private ArrayList<Disk> disks = new ArrayList(); 

I then add an instance of Game to the array:

disks.add(new Game(1999,"SuperGame!",900,"xbox","ea"));

I'm trying to access a method, "getConsole" in the Game subclass using the following code:

Disk currentDisk = disks.get(3);

It says the getConsole method doesn't exist. I can see the problem is that it's only accessing the Disk class' methods and fields but how can I make it so it can access the methods of the subclass that it is defined as. Thanks for your time :)

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Since getConsole() is available only on the Game subclass, you need to tell Java that you know you're looking at a Game, and cast explicitly:

Disk currentDisk = disks.get(3);
if (currentDisk instanceof Game) {

This is not a very good way to do things in Java, because you are explicitly testing for the type of subclass.

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You need to cast it back to Game:

  Game myGame = (Game)disks.get(3);
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Disk doesn't know about a method in Game, in order to use it, you'll need to cast it as a Game. You should also in most cases check to make sure that it is infact a Game and not another subclass type.

Disk disk = new Game();

(Game)disk.getConsole(); // notice the cast

Edit: Forgot to add, to check if it's of a type use instanceof

if (disk instanceof Game)
    // do things
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You will have to check if the object is actually a "Game" object by using instanceof operator. Then you can cast it to Game and use it for accessing all game public members and methods.

Disk currentDisk = disks.get(3);
if (currentDisk instanceof Game) {
 Game game = (Game) currentDisk;
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