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How to hide/remove date field in datepickerdialog. Actually my requirement is to use the native date picker dialog but it shows up with day, month, and year. But as per my requirement i need only month and year. So i want to hide or remove the day field from the view.

Any help will be much usefull.

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Private DatePickerDialog createDialogWithoutDateField(){

    DatePickerDialog dpd = new DatePickerDialog(_activity, ExpiryDateSetListener,cyear,cmonth, cday);
    Field[] datePickerDialogFields = dpd.getClass().getDeclaredFields();
    for (Field datePickerDialogField : datePickerDialogFields) { 
        if (datePickerDialogField.getName().equals("mDatePicker")) {
            DatePicker datePicker = (DatePicker) datePickerDialogField.get(dpd);
            Field datePickerFields[] = datePickerDialogField.getType().getDeclaredFields();
            for (Field datePickerField : datePickerFields) {
               if ("mDayPicker".equals(datePickerField.getName())) {
                  Object dayPicker = new Object();
                  dayPicker = datePickerField.get(datePicker);
                  ((View) dayPicker).setVisibility(View.GONE);

    }catch(Exception ex){
  return dpd;


Use the above code for hiding the day field in DatePickerDialog.

Refer this LINK

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This is a vile recommendation. The most reliable answer is to roll your own. Even if you want to play script-kiddie games like what is proposed here, don't use reflection -- get at the particular widgets via getDatePicker() and findViewById() and set their visibility that way. Both approaches make assumptions about internal implementations that may not be valid across Android OS releases or OEM firmware modifications, but at least the findViewById() approach will make fewer assumptions (and probably run faster). –  CommonsWare May 20 '12 at 13:37
@CommonsWare oh okay thanks for suggestion –  Agarwal Shankar May 20 '12 at 13:39
it is only working from 3.2 and higher versions of Android –  Naveen Kumar Apr 24 '13 at 7:04
mDatePicker.getDatePicker().setCalendarViewShown(false); –  Tancho Jul 10 '13 at 15:00
Awesome. But "mDayPicker" does not work. It should be "mDaySpinner". –  Karthik Andhamil Oct 8 '13 at 23:52

The source code to DatePicker and DatePickerDialog are available for you to clone, refactor into your own package, and modify to suit.

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I don't recommend using Reflection to do this kind of thing.

There is a simpler and more pretty way to do so:

((ViewGroup) datePickerDialog.getDatePicker()).findViewById(Resources.getSystem().getIdentifier("day", "id", "android")).setVisibility(View.GONE);

Be aware that .getDatePicker() method from DatePickerDialog works on API LEVEL >= 11.

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This will cause a null pointer exception on lollipop devices as they use a different date picker layout. –  Ryan C Mar 13 at 18:28

I don't think you need to go that deep unless you wanna customize it.. there is the :


which is a very legitimate call to remove the calendar segment.

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