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I want to build an native app with sencha touch2,
But I'm a little confused about the sencha touch proxy
In my app I need to get remote server data, register new user, update data.
So which proxy is best suitable in my situation? Ajax , REST or JSONP?

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First of all, make sure that you understand well about Ext.data.proxy.Rest through its documentation details:


Ext.data.proxy.Rest is a child class of Ext.data.proxy.Ajax so it means that everything you made will actually be transformed into an Ajax request. If your server-side design follows REST pattern completely, it's ideal to use REST proxy. But if there's no URL pattern convention for your backend system, you should simply use Ajax. In fact, you can still use REST in this case but you have to overwrite buildUrl method which is not really productive over pure Ajax proxy.

Ajax and JSONP are basically different about same-domain or cross-domain policy. Ajax is for same-domain request, and JSONP for cross-domain.

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