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I'm using Lucene Core 3.6.

I'm asking this within the context of a multi-user environment where many concurrent requests will be coming into the IndexSearcher.

Can I just create a new IndexWriter using the same Directory and Analyzer I used to originally populate the index and safely write to it? Will there be blocking, synchronization, or concurrency issues I have to be aware of?

From my reading I believe that the newly added document is available as soon as I open a new IndexSearcher however I've also read that for performance reasons I want to keep one IndexSearcher open for as long as possible. To me, this implies I have to keep track of when I write to the index so I can return a new IndexSearcher on the next request.

I would suspect my choice of Directory implementation has an effect on this. Till now I've only been using RAMDirectory.

EDIT: Updated the title to better clarify what I'm asking.

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Use an SearchManager. Mike McCandless has a blog post about search managers and NRT managers which might be helpful.

There are various articles you can read online about how Lucene achieves near-real-time (NRT) index updates, but to answer your basic questions: only one IndexWriter should ever be open, but new readers are opened from that writer upon update. It's good to keep a reader open as long as possible, but since with NRT the updates come from memory, it's a pretty quick turnaround (generally tens of milliseconds).

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Thanks for the link. That gentlemen's blog is a wealth of resources for this topic. –  Andre May 21 '12 at 16:18

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