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I am using Catalyst::Plugin::AutoCRUD and am generating a DBIx schema using the instructions provided in the linked CPAN page. Specifically, I copy/pasted the command listed there and changed only the details relevant to my database ('pg' => 'mysql', different username/pw, etc).

I now have a schema DBIC::Database::foo::Schema. Schema is both a file containing *.pm's for each table in my DB and also it's own Schema.pm.

My config file contains the following entry:

  schema_class   Database::foo::Schema
  connect_info   dbi:mysql:dbname=foo
  connect_info   user
  connect_info   pass
      AutoCommit      1

When I go to start the AutoCRUD server, I get the following error message:

Couldn't instantiate component "DemoApp::Model::AutoCRUD::DBIC", "Attribute (schema_class)
does not pass the type constraint because: Validation failed for
'Catalyst::Model::DBIC::Schema::Types::SchemaClass' with value Database::foo::Schema at
/Library/Perl/5.12/darwin-thread-multi-2level/Moose/Meta/Attribute.pm line 1275.

As I am new to Catalyst and this plugin, I don't know how to resolve this issue. Google has not been very helpful - I found this discussion, but from what I can tell the issue was that Catalyst was being pointed towards the wrong *.pm (although I could be misreading this).

In case this is helpful, here are the contents of Schema.pm:

use utf8;
package DBIC::Database::foo::Schema;

# Created by DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader

use strict;
use warnings;

use base 'DBIx::Class::Schema';


# Created by DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader v0.07024 @ 2012-05-20 07:25:21

# You can replace this text with custom code or comments, and it will be preserved on  regeneration

Please help!

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Your schema is named DBIC::Database::Foo::Schema but in the config file you have Database::foo::Schema. The names are case sensitive so either change the name of your Schema path and files or correct the config.

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Thank you! That was a typo in writing this article. –  learner May 20 '12 at 16:49
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Completely rebuilding the DBIC classes from the Catalyst manual solved the problem. While I cannot pinpoint what was unacceptable to Moose in the first set of classes, the second set of classes had one additional problem: the line __PACKAGE__->meta->make_immutable; was generated for every class (i.e. in each *.pm). Commenting it out and restarting Catalyst yielded a functioning CRUD app.

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