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I have used CodeIgniter for more then 7 years, Developed xCIDeveloper which is the only joomla component which lets you develop joomla extensions in CI. I have used xCI on more then 200 projects and this is used by so many developers. But when I came to Agile, I was exited. After a long study of agile, I found the developer has done great efforts. But still a complete and complicated application is required to understand all tasks. So I started creating one of my application with xCI (uses doctrine ORM) and with Agile too...

But the relations in agile is complex (as it saves your time after words). So here is my problem which is complex and I wonder who it can be solved in AGILE WAY...

Its a simple school application. And we will be using the same thread/post for our development.

There are sessions in school, each session is infact a year session: (id, name)

There are scholars (Not Student but members who become student in each session for a different class) scholar: (id, name, mobile, isActive)

There are classes for each session as school may add or remove classes in each session class: (id, name, session_id)

Then We have Student students: (id, session_id, scholar_id, class_id, roll_no)

School Has many fees heads feehead: (id, name) ex: {1,School}{2,Bus}

which contains feeses fee: (id, feehead_id, name, amount, isOptional) ex: {1,1,Admission Fee,500, 0}{2,1,Library Fee,100,1}

then each student is to be associated with some fee, non optional is always applicable and optional can be selected for any student feeapplicable: (id, fee_id, student_id, amount , paid, due)

Here is the problem... student table do not have name and works like many to many relation table for scholar-class-session and this is used in rest of application not

SPECIAL 1: Client wants when we create a scholar, at the same time we have to assign it a class for current session (record to be inserted in student table)

SPECIAL 2: For any STUDENT (not scholar) there should be a page with checkboxes of all fee and when submited all checked fee should get inserted as record in feeapplicable-> (autoincremented_id, selected_checkbox_fee_id, current_student_id, amount_of_selected_fee, 0,0) but non optional fee should always be inserted (can be inserted at the time of student generation) and non removable but when editing student's page if a fee is removed it should be deleted from feeapplicable table too...

Now thats complicated ... It is not a challenge, but I want a complex demo to be developed here for other developers learning agile too.. and then I'll make a demo for all the steps here, as I have done with xCIDeveloper...

Again thanx for your wonderful work. 4.2 is not looks so stable...

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I'm glad Agile makes you excited. It's difficult to understand your structure and I'll create a proper example when our new sample-suite will be complete (and will link here) but for now I'll just answer your question.

  1. If your table is a many-to-many relation without name, you can always define "name" column as expression.


Otherwise you can set title_field property to 'id'.

  1. When you're adding a scholar and student together, you should create a new model for that. Typically you would inherit either a student or a scholar model and add "join". When record of this model is added, then it creates elements in both tables. You can also use it on a form and it will properly distribute fields into both tables and maintain relations.

  2. Checkboxes. Agile Toolkit Forms can perfectly work without any models. You simply need to use addField with them. It will permit you to iterate through all the feeaplicable and create field for each relation. When you collect information on form submit you simply will need to create records. You'll find that using ref() is a great help. It will automatically restrict security of your form so that it can't be used to affect any other student fees.

The other approach is to use grid with checkboxes. There is extension for Grid which allows it's row to make selectable. When selected, they are being inserted into a form field of your choice (which might be hidden)


This way you'll get list of IDs in a JSON field. If you look at addSelectable implementation in Grid_Advanced.php (which is about 10 lines + some javascript code), you can easily implement it for formatted listers too.

Please share your demo through github and I'll be able to provide you with more comments and suggestions.

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