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I'm making a PDF from an XMl doc using XSL-FO. I need to import images using their names that are inside the XML doc.

Example XML:

   <album cover="blaimage.jpg"/>

I need to do this through a similar statement:

<fo:external-graphic src="({})/>

What XPath do I need to put inside the src attribute to import the image? Thanks for the help this has been killing me.

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It will basically be <fo:external-graphic src="{concat('url(', /newAlbums/album/@cover, ')')}">. The exact XPath expression will depend on your XML. For example, you will most likely have more than one album element, so /newAlbums/album[1]/@cover or similar will be required.

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Thanks! It wokred perfectly!!! Yes my XPath is pretty good so I new how to do that part, I'm just not so used to XSL-FO. – Hendrik Human May 20 '12 at 16:49

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