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I installed django-recaptcha, but it kept failing with 'Incorrect, please try again.'. Apparently nginx hadn't been passing the user's IP - fixed that. However I still can't pass the captcha, and what makes even less sense is that in this code:

        check_captcha = client.submit(recaptcha_challenge_value, recaptcha_response_value, private_key=self.private_key,remoteip=self.get_remote_ip(), use_ssl=self.use_ssl)
        raise Exception(check_captcha.is_valid)
        if check_captcha.is_valid is True:
                return values[0]
        if check_captcha.is_valid is False:
            raise forms.util.ValidationError(
        #Part of

The exception raised accurately represents whether the captcha passed (True if I type the words, false if I make up some junk). However as soon as I delete that line, it ALWAYS fails, regardless of what I type.

What am I doing wrong?

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Apparently the framework calls clean() twice...
Here's a dirty fix

[edit] This happens inside a session wizard, the fix I provided is for when the captcha is on the last page

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