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I have seen many website build with wordpress and they have facebook timeline cover photos auto upload.

anyone please help me?

sorry for my bad english

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it isn't difficult at all... you can get the cover url for a page/user using the facebook graph api.

ie: querying will return the cover image properties for the cocacola fan page, simply use the 'source' field as your image src. (this is a 720px wide cover image)

as your using wordpress you could make a widget out of it, or hard code it in the template (eww..).

(on another note - you may want to additionally implement some form of caching for the facebook grapi api result so you don't continuously query facebook on every page load for the cover url.)

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Majid Khan, try this, facebook image uploader (for timeline and more.....)

work fine on wordpress and more....but it is not free

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Timeline is the New Facebook Timeline covers profile. Tell your life story through photos, friendships and personal milestones like graduating or traveling to new places.

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