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How do I set component in JIRA issue? While creating new issue I set the component array to my id and name value. What is the right way to do it? Also it is not taking the assignee value.

username = 'admin'
password = 'admin'
project = 'Dev'

jira = Savon::Client.new(

login = jira.request(:login) do |soap|
  soap.body = {
    :in0 => username,
    :in1 => password
login = login.to_hash
token = login[:login_response][:login_return]

def createissue jira, token, project, username
response = jira.request(:create_issue) do |soap|
  soap.body = {
    :in0 => token,
    :in1 => {
      :type => "3",
      :assignee => username,
      :project => project,
      :summary => "API Test",
      :description => "Jira's SOAP API test",
      :components => [ 'id' => '10786']
      #:components =>
        { 'components' =>
          { 'id' => '10786',
            'name' => 'General Troubleshooting'}} # tried these
      #:components =>
        { 'id' => '10786',
          'name' => 'General Troubleshooting'} # tried these
      # None of of the above component
      # options is setting component in my issue.
      # I have the correct 'id' and 'name'.

  createissue jira, token, project, username

In SOAPUI it shows the required data type as this, but jow do I construct xml for this?

  xmlns:jir="https://server/rpc/soap/jirasoapservice-v2" />
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not the most elegant way but a starting point for me in case I run into such problem is to build the XML string in your code and assign it to soap.body.

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