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This is my first SO post so please forgive any inappropriate gestures.

I am using Facebook PHP SDK, but am unable to log-out correctly. I think it is some issue of browser cache variables, and in any case, would appreciate help on how to correct this.

My code is

$fb = new Facebook('appId' => $appId, 'secret' => $appSecret, 'cache' => true);
$scope = array();
$user = $fb->getUser();
if ($user) { //user may be logged out even if this is non-zero
  try {
    $profile = $fb->api('/me', 'GET'); // this should definitely give an exception if
                                       // user is logged out
    echo $fb->getLogoutUrl(); // since the previous state didnt generate an exception,                           
                              // we can be sure that user is correctly logged in, so 
                              // an option to logout
   } catch(FacebookApiException $e) {
    echo $fb->getLoginUrl(); // since an exception was thrown, user was NOT logged in
} else {
  echo $fb->getLoginUrl(); // as $user is 0, this means user is clearly not logged in

Now, since I am redirected from index.php to facebook.com/logout.php and then back to index.php, the above logic should work both in case of user being logged in and logged out. But even on clicking the logout url, the "$fb->api('/me', 'GET')" call doesnt throw an exception. Any suggestions?

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Update: I figured the problem is in the $scope parameter. By default, the kind of permissions that are basic don't result in an exception being thrown because $fb->api('/me') since these permissions don't require a valid access token in any case. To get this to run, you should set $scope = array('scope' => 'read_friendlists') or something like this which require more advanced permissions. –  Ravee Malla May 20 '12 at 18:16
Here's a great link –  Jashwant May 20 '12 at 18:18
Thanks for the link. A weird observation is that this code works on using a different (older) App Id/Secret. So is this an issue of how I configured the application or has Facebook changed its authentication mechanism a bit? –  Ravee Malla May 22 '12 at 9:06

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