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I love Textmate, but this is a small oddity that always bothered me.

I am currently using Version 1.5.10.

I use Command + Option + Dot to close a html tag, but when I do the result is this.


I wish Textmate knew how to do this instead. Automatically de-indents when closing tag is added.


This works well for Ruby code by the way. Textmate de-indents when end is typed.

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The Insert Close Tag (⌘⌥.) command in TextMate (along with every other command in the Bundles menu) is completely customisable through the Bundle Editor.

If you open up the Bundle Editor ( Bundles > Bundle Editor > Show Bundle Editor (⌃⌘⌥B)), and find the 'Insert Close Tag' command in the list on the left, you should be able to view and edit the code in that command.

To implement your un-indenting functionality, find this chunk of code (at the end of the file):

    print "</#{stack.pop}>"

And modify it so that it looks like this:

    print "</#{stack.pop}>"
    %x{ osascript -e 'tell application "System Events" to key code 33 using command' }

This extra line of code tells TextMate that after inserting the closing tag, it should perform the Shift Left command, by simulating the a press of the key combination ⌘[ - thus un-indenting your code.

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