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I am trying to build a page where i am having an image. Now I want to do a task that when ever mouse is taken over a certain part of image , that image with some links popup as a Mouse Hover Functionality.

Like For E.g. I have a map of US(as an Image on my Webpage) , and in that when I take the mouse over its State ( say: Texas) then the image of Texas ( which is embedded as Hyper link ) pops up in larger view and that image have additional links of Cities and user should be able to click those links and can reach the page of that City.

I Hope my Query is Clear.

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It sounds very much like what you want is an HTML image map. Just do a quick search on "image map". There are many examples of how to implement this. –  Matthew May 20 '12 at 20:25
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You can use image maps to break into areas(for eg states). You can some jquery library like maphighlight, to show the hovering effect. And finally since you want to show dynamic content in the pop up boxes, you can create a generic template which gets populated based off the id being passed and then you can make ajax request to that page and pass the id along. Also colorbox(is a type of lightbox) supports image maps, so you can populate it using ajax, just by passing the urul in href tags of each area.

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Thanks Guys. I'll look out for that. And will be back with more issues. :) :) –  khappi May 21 '12 at 5:45
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