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I just found out about the Windows Media Player library for C#, since I am making a stupid little app for my friend I thought that I would add it in (since he loves music).

string ply = "Playlist";
        WMPLib.IWMPPlaylist pls;
        WMPLib.IWMPPlaylistArray plItems;

        plItems = axWindowsMediaPlayer1.playlistCollection.getByName(ply);

        if (plItems.count == 0)
            pls = axWindowsMediaPlayer1.playlistCollection.newPlaylist(ply);


            string line;
            System.IO.StreamReader stream = new StreamReader(pth);
            while ((line = stream.ReadLine()) != null)
                if (File.Exists(line))
                    WMPLib.IWMPMedia m1 = axWindowsMediaPlayer1.newMedia(line);

                    pls.appendItem(m1); /*gives an error here (use of unassigned variable)*/

I've tried creating an instance of the playlist, but I can't get it to allow that line, any help would be appreciated (Note that the 'pth' string was declare earlier in the method

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The problem is that if plItems.count is greater than 0, then pls is never set to anything, so you can't call appendItem on it.

Perhaps you meant to say

pls = plItems.Item(0);

instead of


(which doesn't do anything) in your else branch. This will cause your app to add media items to the first playlist in the library.

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