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I want to declare a variable with the path to the library:

@libPath: "any/path/to/lib";

And use it in @import. Something like this:

@import "@{libPath}/file.less";

And I see the result after processing:

@import url("@{libPath}/file.less");

No such possibility or am I doing something wrong?


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FWIW this is a bug in less.js that’s been discussed for way over a year now. There are at least two attempts to fix this but one requires large changes to the public API and has consequently been rejected. The other approach only works partially.

On the other hand, lessphp supports this without problem now; I have no idea whether dotless does.

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since version 1.4 it should partial work when your variables have been declared in the root or current scope, see: – Bass Jobsen Oct 4 '14 at 23:47

It isn't supported in less.js or dotless so I assume less PHP is the same. It might not be hard to add, why don't you add a feature request.

Also what is the problem you are trying to solve? Maybe it can be solved a better way.

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