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I downloaded Visual Studio 2011 Express beta and it says it is for debugging, developing, etc. but not for deploying / releasing software or apps.

Am I excluded from releasing anything I develop with it? Can I copy the code over to another (unreleased?) version later?

Is there another (like a paid non-express beta?) version I should consider buying?

I googled it, but didn't see any easy answers.

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Visual Studio 11 hasn't been released yet. That's why you can only get a beta version. If you're developing a .NET 4.5 app, that's in beta too. Ditto Windows 8, if it's a Metro app.

If you're only using .NET 4 (or earlier) you can get Visual Studio 2010 (paid or Express editions). Otherwise, just wait until the platform you're developing against is released too...

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The express editions of released Visual Studio versions for 2005, 2008 and 2010 allow you to deploy and release software created using them.

I wouldn't expect a beta to have such permissions because it is a beta and may contain bugs and issues that will be fixed by the time the product goes RTM. Would you want to take the chance of this with a production system?

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Anecdotal observations, but much appreciated. +1 –  micahhoover May 21 '12 at 19:16

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