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I have a category model. I am using ancestry gem to make it like a tree structure so that we can have sub categories. I have a simple factory for category that looks like this

factory :category do
  sequence(:name) { |n| "Category #{n}"}

I have another model business which has a main_category and a sub_category. Here is my factory for the business

factory :business do
  sequence(:name) { |n| "businnes#{n}"}
  sequence(:email) { |n| "busixy#{n}@example.com"}
  sequence(:website) { |n| "www.example#{n}.com"}
  main_category          {Business.main_sub_category.parent}


What I am trying to do here is to assign main_sub_category of the business a new category which is a sub_category and to assign the parent of that category to main_category of the business.

To get this I created a new factory called sub_category factory :category do sequence(:name) { |n| "Category #{n}"} factory :subcategory do |sub| sub.parent factory :category end end

When I try the above code I get this error

Factory already registered: category (FactoryGirl::DuplicateDefinitionError)

I tried another way to do it

 factory :category do
      sequence(:name) { |n| "Category #{n}"}
      factory :subcategory do |sub|
        sub.parent {FactoryGirl.create(:category)}

This way it works but when I create a business object using the factory

@business = FactoryGirl.create :business

It gives me validation error

ActiveRecord::RecordInvalid: Validation failed: Name has already been taken

I have a uniqueness validation on category names.

Any has had this kind of a recursive factory issue kind help.


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Got it resolved, for some mysterious reason I don't understand my test db had a already had a single entry for a category with name Category1 which was creating the issue, manually deleted that row using mysql console and everthing works now.

I still wonder why database wasn't clear, since I never write to test db directly its the testcase that do it.. :S

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